Between ever-rising premiums and the complexities around receiving health care, health benefits continue to overwhelm employees. Although benefits are necessary to keep employees healthy, many find them difficult to use—which often results in your workers neglecting their health, skipping important doctor appointments, or even failing to fill their prescriptions. You can help your employees overcome these hurdles. When you provide a higher level of support, employees are more likely to receive meaningful value from your existing benefits package.

The path to providing better support is relatively straightforward, as many employees struggle with the same issues. In fact, most employees have the same general questions:

  • Which benefits am I entitled to?
  • How do I use the plan when I’m sick?
  • How do I use the HSA (if there is one)?

When we drill down deeper, questions grow even more specific:

  • How can I find the best care available to me under this plan?
  • Who can I talk to for help with billing and claims?
  • Who are the providers within my network? 

Although your company likely covers these topics during enrollment every year, the details slip by most employees, especially the ones who feel overwhelmed by the sheer mass of information. One of two things happen as a result: HR is bombarded with questions about the exact details you shared during enrollment or employees cross their fingers and hope they can avoid getting sick or injured for another year. 

If your company can better explain your benefits package details, you can reduce the administrative burden for your HR manager while simultaneously improving the quality of care your employees receive.

Doctor and Patient talking

The Solution: White-Glove Service

Our solution is a tool that provides high-quality personalized service to each employee at your company. In using this resource, you offer each employee:

  • One-on-one meetings with a plan specialist who can explain the benefits in easy-to-understand language
  • Hands-on assistance in billing and claims issues
  • Guidance on finding the best blend of care and value in their region
  • Price transparency for different procedures and products, helping employees access the most affordable health care options within the plan
  • Access to the platform via a mobile app, web portal, phone, and email

Between these and other product benefits, your employees access better care at lower prices, streamlining the health care experience and removing much of the complexity involved.

The Payoff for Employers

For employers, the value is clear: The tool removes hours and hours of benefits-related questions from the HR manager’s schedule, keeping their day clear especially around the renewal season. With benefits off their list of responsibilities, HR can focus on bigger picture items like hiring and retaining top talent—another area where the resource may contribute. 

When employees receive white-glove service, they feel valued. Because they understand the nuances of the plan, they can also use their benefits package to its full potential. By providing a single tool, you augment the overall value of your health plan. With this feature added in to the overall benefits package, employees are more likely to stay in place, reducing HR’s need to hire new talent in the future. 

The Payoff for Employees

For employees, the benefits are even clearer: Which better service attached to the plan, they can:

  • Find better care at lower costs
  • Receive assistance during stressful claims and billing phone calls
  • Better understand what they have access to within the plan itself

Bottom line: Employees are more likely to see the full value of your current plan because they understand its nuances. Instead of putting off appointments or avoiding the doctor, they can access the best care possible. 

Health care is complicated, but your company has the power to simplify it. With the right resources, you can help employees pump every bit of value out of their plan, helping them to maximize their benefits and improve their health at the same time. In response, your HR team gains additional time in their schedule to focus on other mission-critical tasks.