Health Insurance plans

The Cornerstone of Your Employee Benefits Program

Your health insurance plan is the key benefit that attracts and retains employees. In the Western Pennsylvania health insurance market, five primary insurers offer hundreds of plan design options. With more than 35 years’ of experience in benefits brokering and consulting, Corporate Benefits Consultants has become expert in determining which plan designs and funding options best suit a client's needs and then working with the insurance carriers to produce the most competitive pricing. We can also help you navigate healthcare-reform compliance and develop strategies to improve your workforce’s health and productivity.

Effective Employee Enrollment Communications

Once you select a plan design and carrier, Corporate Benefits Consultants works with you and the carrier to produce the most appropriate and effective communication materials for the enrollment process. This process is critical so that your employees understand and appreciate their plan, which helps to retain key employees.

Employee Wellness Programs

To mitigate the increasing costs of health insurance, Corporate Benefits Consultants works with you to develop and implement wellness programs that help to reduce the cost of your plan and improve your employees’ productivity.

Health Insurance Coverage across the U.S.

If your company has facilities in other parts of the country, Corporate Benefits Consultants has extensive experience working with insurance carriers nationwide to provide optimal health insurance coverage for your employees in every state.

Western Pennsylvania Health Insurance Carriers

The following are health insurance carriers we represent in the Western Pennsylvania market place.

Highmark Health America UPMC Aetna United Health Care

Health Insurance Carrier Website Links

Health America
United Health Care